2011 will “kick off” digital signature in Panama

In January 2011, the Public Registry will begin the pilot of the electronic or digital signature, to save money and paper in all government procedures that take place thereafter.

Luis Barria, president of the institution, said that by implementing this new electronic system, the Public Registry will become the rating agency of all writing issued by lawyers.

Also implement digital signature in public tenders requiring the use of digital portal PanamaCompra.

Barria said this project was created in the Public Registry, the Department of Digital Signatures.

In the 2011 budget were approved B / 4 million to begin this project, Barria said.

“The Public Registry will provide funds with all equipment and consultancy for the judiciary, PanamaCompra, the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Ministry of Economy and Finance and for all notaries in the country,” Barria said.

It is expected than in mid-2012, it is used in all entities.

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New ClickSign features

As promised, we keep improoving ClickSign, with the features many of you asked us for.

Our new vesion includes an advanced visible signature setup Tab, to associate our digital signature, to the image we want, and set it at any position in the document. This way, when digitally signing, we will be able to add our handwritten signature to the PDF document.

Another new feature , is that when signing a document which contains void digital signature fields, ClickSign locates them and adds our digital signature there.

Finally, we have created a link to PortaSigma, so that the document can be shared, and other signature requests sent. Each request will run advise to the signant, and a link to go in to sign the document in PortaSigma.

Moreover, with the first installation, now we generate a 1 month ClickSign Pro evaluation license, so that all the features of the product can be tested.

¡Download our new version here!

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Villarica becomes the first electronic government in Paraguay

Celebrated in front of “Palacete Municipal”, it was inaugurated the new system with the digital signature of the first resolution, by the Mayir Federico Alderete Guggiari. In the celebration participated the Vicepresident Federico Franco, authorities from the judicial and Legislative organisms, and public and private institutions. The first digital resolution to be signed was the recognition of the “Rincón 1” commission, located four Kms from the city center.

The electronic documents management model wassolved with funds of royalties and contributions of the European Union, under the project “Actions for a good local governance”. The cost of the system was about 132 million of Guaraní. It will allow the local adminstrations to generate and administrate documents, so that they can be signed by the mayor and the public employees.

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Mobile signature and digital stamp for PortaSigma

Good news for PortaSigma users. From now on, it is possible to upload digital certificates in your account. This way, two new features are possible: digital stamp, and mobile signature.

Certificates are uploaded in P12 or Pfx format, which are the most usual distribution formats. They stay stored in our server, encyphered to keep them secure. For the certificate usage, an additional PIN is needed (as if it was stored in a cryptographic smartcard)

Digital stamp usage

When someone at a company needs to send a signature request, and wants the document to be signed by the company, this is the best option, specially if it is an often operation.

The document will get signed as if it was a digital stamp.

Signature from mobile devices

This new feature allows users to sign documents from mobile devices. As the digital certificate is stored on the server, it is possible to sign from nearly any mobile devices. This feature is specially usefull for workers who spend much of their time “at the street”, and need to sign many documents.

Create a free account in PortaSigma, and begin using it. Digital signature can make you avoid massive paper storage, improve your service level, and differentiate from your competitors.


Román de Blas / rdeblas@isigma.es

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More citizen participation with electronic government is promoted

The Latin American countries agreed to promote practices that facilitate the participation of citizens in legislative decision-making process, using e-government tools.
In the Lisbon Declaration, which had access Télam, the ministers agreed on Friday to “foster legislative simplification practices that contribute to better implementation of the Ibero-American space and facilitate the participation of citizens in the decision process.”
The statement signed by the representatives of Argentina, Andorra, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Dominican Republic and Uruguay, will be elevated to the XX Latin American Summit which will be held in Mar del Plata between 3 and 4 December.
The December meeting has the theme: “The participation of citizens in the era of e-government: education for citizenship and inclusion.”

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Digital signature soon available for Paraguay

The Project of digital signatures means to speed up the actions of the Governmental and private organizations. According to the deputy David Ocampos (UNACE-Central) main promoter of Law in Question, many institutions of state await for the deployment of the Project.

The digitalization of the judiciary files, revenue collection from taxes via Internet by the Undersecretariat of Treasury, or the presentation of public bids are on standby waiting for the deployment of digital signature law.which was vetoed by the Executive.

However, , the DEPUTY Ocampos could have been the necessary numerical Support of the legislators present at Thursday’s regular session, afin decline of the veto and issue the legal and corrected proposal for the Senate, for it to be analyed before application.

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Welcome to isigma’s digital signature international site

Hi from main site of Isigma network! Here you’ll find all kind of information regarding digital signature, in the countries in which isigma’s products can be used.

It is also a driver into each countrie’s site, which contains information about digital signature’s Legislation, Products and Certification Authorities in the corresponding country.

Contact us, if you find this project interesting, and would like to keep the containts of this site updated.

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