Spanish children will not be able to use digital signature

Spain’s Government has approved a law for the protection of children using the Internet. It allows the accreditation of the children’s identity , through the use of digital certificates, as the spanish ID Card – , but not the use of electronic signatures. The spanish electronic ID card contains two digital certificates : one that enables identification, and another for electronic signature.

According to the Government , from now on the activation of electronic identification is valid for adults and children , but activation of the electronic signature is only available for adults.

The delivery of a document with active electronic identification certificate will protect children in social networks (if the site requires the digital certificate to the user).

It also introduces technical amendments to the fingerprinting . In those cases where fingerprints can not be performed on the forefingers , because of mutilating or physical defect, it will be replaced by another fingers.

Furthermore, as  physical changes in minors appearance are very fast, the ID-Card validity will be reduced from 5 to 2 years.

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