Digital signature as a crises antidote

scissors to save moneyIn these times, most problems for businesses begin in the difficulty to get sales. This problem is difficult to solve, since it originates in the lack of purchasing power on the part of the consumer, and spreads quickly to other companies. At this point, a company in which sales fall to the point of ceasing to be sustainable, it’s only solution is to reduce costs.

A known way to reduce costs is to automate processes. No one disputes that its application to the production processes is absolutely essential, however, companies continue to resist or ignore the possibility of automating administrative processes. We’ll see that this is a very simple to deploy solution, specially when contracted in SaaS mode.

Note: If the production processes are those necessary to carry out the main activity of our company, the administrative processes would be those that we implemented to support the control and management of the core business.

Administrative processes required to generate and move large amount of documents with data about the activities and participants. In many cases, participants must sign these documents as an evidence of consent, participation or authorship.

When these documents are multiplied, shipment, archiving and subsequent localization become very tedious task, which leads to people who work with them, to lose unnecessary time. Therefore, what is involved is to remove the paper. Is there anything easier to cut than a paper?

We can assume that all businesses are managed using computers, so that production of most documents is digitally performed. However, many are still printed documents, and in many cases only due to the need to apply one or more handwritten signatures. As explained in the previous paragraph, this is wasted time.

The solution is to send, sign and store these documents in digital media. With this, the company staff will stop losing precious time on administrative tasks and will be able to devote to more productive tasks such as sales prospecting for example.

We might think that the implementation of the technology is expensive, and requires an investment we can not afford, but it is not. iSigma’s proposal is to access the technology by paying for use, which means that we allow the company to benefit from the savings, before paying for the technology.

How to check if this is as simple as we explain? Just create an account at <a href=””> PortaSigma </ a> completely free, and just start digitally signing your companie’s documents.

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