Increasing efficiency in Staffing Agencies

Digital signature is, like email, a cross-sector technology, that is, industries as diverse as the vet (ES) or staffing agencies can benefit from its advantages.

For its part, the electronic signature is an also cross-sector and any other activity legal concept which, in its qualified version has functional equivalence (for legal purposes, see Law 59/2003 of 19 December on the electronic signature, Article 3.4 –ES-), with the handwritten signature (if you are unsure about the differences between electronic signature and digital signature, we made clear here and here, unfortunately both in Spanish –ES-)

Lots of signatures!

Lots of signatures!

However being cross-sector, both the technology and the legal concept, not all activities benefit equally from its advantages. Consider what activities might benefit more: of course, those in which the number of handwritten signatures carried out daily is very high. Obviously there may be other considerations, such as whether these signatures are made in key processes, the legal burden of these signatures, etc … but the mere fact that we made many handwritten signatures daily will allow big savings in costs, time (ES) and other benefits of the electronic signature (ES).

No doubt that a staffing agency (SA) performs many handwritten signatures daily. Both CMAs (Contracts for the Making Available) and the very contract the worker signs also are key processes in these companies. So iSigma collaborates with the Staffing Agencies National Association (ES).

With 63% of Spanish companies using electronic signatures and 30 million Electronic National ID cards issued (ES) more than half of the potential customers of a SA could make the proceedings entirely in an electronic way.
With a cloud solution like PortaSigma, within minutes you can start signing and asking to sign (ES) CMAs and sign other contracts without either party having to travel, no initial investment and without the need for your clients to be registered in any systems.

Are you a SA and do not have an electronic signature solution? Who are you going to contact now?
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