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Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA)How many times we have found that a project was paused some days, because an NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement) was needed for information exchange?

This problem is especially relevant when companies are located in diferent countries, and will be more critical as far from each other the countries are.

If the document is signed and sent without leaving the digital environment, both parts will be able to sign the NDA instantly, without delay. This is one of those use cases in which the digital signature application most improves the process.

It might seem that deploying the necessary technology is difficult and expensive, but it’s not. PortaSigma is easy to use and cheap. Thanks to digital signature, and cloud computing benefits, digitally signing an NDA using PortaSigma is as easy as shown in the following steps:

  1. One of the parts uploads the contract in PortaSigma.
  2. The signer’s data is informed
  3. Indica los datos de los contactos / representantes que deben firmar el documento
  4. The parts are notified by mail, including a link to the document
  5. Each part will access the document at the chosen moment, and sign it online
  6. Finally, the document will be signed by both parts, and available for them

For the digital signature to be legal, it is necessary the usage of digital certificates. Most companies already have their own digital certificates. Most are being used in authentication services but not for digital signature.

In this post we explained the European regulation for the crossboarding usage of digital certificates.

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