PortaSigma users take 4 days less than its competitors to collect customer signatures

PortaSigma users are companies that need to collect signatures from their customers on a recurring basis. Traditionally, there were three methods to perform this operation:

Method 1: Moving to customer’s office

1. An authorized person in the company, looked for a gap in its calendar

2. Prepared two printed copies of the document

3. Took them in hand to the customer

4. In the office, both signed the documents

5. The authorized person, came back with the document copy

6. The authorized stored his copy in the corresponding file

Method 2: Sending the documents

1. The authorized person, prepared two copies of the document

2. Signed both copies

3. Prepared the envelop, and sent the documents to the customer’s office

4. The customer signed both copies

5. Stored its own copy

5  Prepared a new envelop and sent the original copy to the authorized

6. Who stored the copy in the corresponding file

Method 3: Receiving the customer

1. The authorized person dated the customer for the signature

2. Prepared two copies of the document

2. The customer went to the authorized office

3. Both copies were signed by both parts

4. The customer took his copy of the document

5. El autorizado de la empresa archivaba su copia

Since using PortaSigma, their routine is the following:

1. They upload a document to PortaSigma

2. Define the name, e-mail and identifier of the customer

3. Send the signature request, and in a few seconds, the customer has the possibility to sign form its PC or mobile phone

4. The customer signs the document

Thanks to this, these companies could spend more time to its core business.

Moreover, thanks to digital storage, these companies need less rooms to storage their physical files. As a reference, a traditional file fits 400 documents.

But maybe the must important benefit is the improovement of the service level to the customers.

With the cost reduction, and the service level improovement, PortaSigma users are obtaining a competitive advantage with their competitors, who keep applying handwritten signatures to their documents.

The following table shows the average of time invested in each of the described methods:

Waiting for the meeting 3 3 0
Sign and send the request from PortaSigma 0,1
Preparing two printed copies 0,1 0,1 0,1 0
Preparing and sending the envelop 0,1 0
Waiting for the delivery 3
Moving to customer’s office 0,5
Receiving the customer 0,5
Signature act 0,2 0,1 0,1
Preparing envelop and turning back 0,1
Signing request with PortaSigma 0,1
Returning to the office 0,5
Storing in fil 0,1 0,1 0,2
Total invested time (days) 4,4 3,5 3,9 0,2
Global satisfaction of the agents

Join now PortaSigma, and begin taking profit of these advantages from now on.

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