Digital Signature at universities: Universitat Ramon Llull (URL)

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Universitat Ramon Llull (URL) will drastically reduce paper storage, and the execution time of its administrative tasks, through the use of digital signature.

This university consists of ten federated institutions. Each and every one of its centers, may supplement their applications with electronic signature process for its users.

Thanks to this, the signing of minutes, publication of letters, contracts with suppliers, documentary control, may be carried out telematically, without requiring paper printouts, or people travellng.

To achieve this, Universitat Ramon Llull has decided to implement PortaSigma. A centralized instance of our tool will provide each center’s computer applications, the necessary services for its users to sign and validate documents using their digital certificates.

To access PortaSigma, applications make use of the web services available through the API.

Universities are certainly environments that meet a series of features that make them suitable for the deployment of digital signatures. Among others:

  • Arrangements with banks, for the distribution of cryptographic smartcards, and digital certificates, for students and teachers
  • Handle large amount of documentation, which often require a handwritten signature of participants in the process

Being a cross-application tool, PortaSigma can also help improve the administrative processes in many other industries. Banking, Insurance, employment, Veterianaries and universities, are just the tip of the iceberg of the universe using this tool. From iSigma, we’ll do our best to further improve many processes and industries with digital signature.

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