New ClickSign features

As promised, we keep improoving ClickSign, with the features many of you asked us for.

Our new vesion includes an advanced visible signature setup Tab, to associate our digital signature, to the image we want, and set it at any position in the document. This way, when digitally signing, we will be able to add our handwritten signature to the PDF document.

Another new feature , is that when signing a document which contains void digital signature fields, ClickSign locates them and adds our digital signature there.

Finally, we have created a link to PortaSigma, so that the document can be shared, and other signature requests sent. Each request will run advise to the signant, and a link to go in to sign the document in PortaSigma.

Moreover, with the first installation, now we generate a 1 month ClickSign Pro evaluation license, so that all the features of the product can be tested.

¬°Download our new version here!

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