Mobile signature and digital stamp for PortaSigma

Good news for PortaSigma users. From now on, it is possible to upload digital certificates in your account. This way, two new features are possible: digital stamp, and mobile signature.

Certificates are uploaded in P12 or Pfx format, which are the most usual distribution formats. They stay stored in our server, encyphered to keep them secure. For the certificate usage, an additional PIN is needed (as if it was stored in a cryptographic smartcard)

Digital stamp usage

When someone at a company needs to send a signature request, and wants the document to be signed by the company, this is the best option, specially if it is an often operation.

The document will get signed as if it was a digital stamp.

Signature from mobile devices

This new feature allows users to sign documents from mobile devices. As the digital certificate is stored on the server, it is possible to sign from nearly any mobile devices. This feature is specially usefull for workers who spend much of their time “at the street”, and need to sign many documents.

Create a free account in PortaSigma, and begin using it. Digital signature can make you avoid massive paper storage, improve your service level, and differentiate from your competitors.

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